Spring Newsletter 2024

Posted: Mar 01, 2024

Winter may have its charms, but there’s nothing quite like the moment when the world begins to wake up from its cold weather slumbers. But spring, a season when the world seems to come back to life, is…

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Winter Newsletter 2023

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

There is nothing like opening the door to a world covered in white, feeling the crisp air fill your lungs, and experiencing the exhilaration that comes from being outside long enough to gain a flushed face and numb…

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Autumn Newsletter 2023

Posted: Sep 01, 2023

When the air turns crisp, vibrant hues tinge the leaves, and the sky just looks bluer somehow, you know fall is here. …

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Summer Newsletter 2023

Posted: Jun 01, 2023

Let all your worries and stress go away this summer and enjoy every minute of it. Have a great summer holidays. …

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Spring Edition 2023

Posted: Mar 01, 2023

Spring is undoubtedly the most-awaited and anticipated season globally. Spring arrives with a sudden warmth of the sun and marks the end of the winter’s stony cold breezes. Let us welcome spring and its unique…

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Merry Christmas from your CAHT Family! "22

Posted: Dec 25, 2022

On behalf of Care at Home …

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Winter Newsletter 2022

Posted: Dec 01, 2022

There’s many reasons to love winter, maybe it’s the snow days, the delicious taste of hot cocoa or the anticipation of the holidays But don’t forget to keep warm and have a Merry Christmas! …

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Top 10 Impactful Healthcare Leaders to Watch in 2022

Posted: Sep 19, 2022

Shawn Terlson: A Compassionate Healthcare Leader Improving the Lives of Seniors at Shepherd’s Care FoundationTop 10 Impactful Healthcare Leaders to Watch in 2022 …

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Autumn Newsletter 2022

Posted: Sep 01, 2022

The joy of fall is on its way. the fall can be a time for joy, inner growth, and a time to live in the present.  …

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Happy Alberta Day!

Posted: Sep 01, 2022

In September, Albertans will come to celebrate far more than just another calendar month. …

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Senior’s Week

Posted: Jun 06, 2022

During the first full week of June, Albertans can show appreciation for Alberta’s seniors and all their contributions to Alberta. …

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Summer Newsletter 2022

Posted: Jun 01, 2022

Smiles return to our faces as we gather to celebrate the return of the sun and welcome the Summer!  …

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Spring Edition 2022

Posted: Mar 01, 2022

Lets welcome Spring! It’s the wonderful time of the year when snow finally melts, trees begin to blossom and the streets look lively and green again. May this season paint your lives beautifully! …

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Merry Christmas from your CAHT Family! ’21

Posted: Dec 24, 2021

On behalf of Care At Home Trust Family. …

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Winter Newsletter 2021

Posted: Dec 21, 2021

This holiday season reminds us what a close- knit family we’ve become by working together as a company. Wishing our entire staff and their loved ones a blessed and blissful Christmas and New Year! …

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Seasons Greetings!

Posted: Dec 20, 2021

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Care at Home Trust CEO...  

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Happy Work Anniversary

Posted: Nov 15, 2021

Congratulations to Robin Burns for completing 5 years of dedicated service!  

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November Newsletter

Posted: Nov 12, 2021

Care at Home welcomes our new Admin Staff this year as well as celebrate Remembrance Day with our special issue for our November Newsletter. …

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Posted: Mar 17, 2020

We understand the pandemic crisis we are currently facing is causing tremendous anxiety among clients and their families, as well as our staff. At Care At Home (CAH), our key responsibility is to ensure that we continue…

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